We offer global coverage for our corporate and individual clients’ legal problems, ranging from corporate, tax and business-related issues to personal and informal matters.

We offer:

  • Individual consultation to identify our customer’s needs exactly and provide tailor-made solutions.
  • International consultancy to support our clients in their international projects through experts in the field of law and business, consulting the different jurisdictions.
  • Comprehensive advisory service in all fields of law:





Our professionals advise you in the following legal fields:


  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment and Joint-Venture Agreements
  • Foreign Investments in Spain
  • Spanish Investments abroad
  • Incorporation of Companies and Overseas Branches
  • Fiduciary Trust Companies
  • Associations
  • E-Commerce
  • IP
  • Bankruptcies
    • Bankruptcy viability study
    • Filing for bankruptcy proceedings and assistance through every stage of the process


  • Representation and defence before the courts
  • Proceedings in the civil courts
  • Administrative measures
  • Tax proceedings
  • Proceedings in the labour courts
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Debt collection and compulsory enforcement
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments


  • Matrimonial proceedings: separation, divorce and invalidation proceedings
  • Common-law couples
  • Filiation
  • International Law and Foreign Rulings
  • Enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments
  • Taxation


  • Work and residence permits
  • Change of status
  • Renewals
  • Family reunification
  • Obtaining the NIE (Aliens Identification Number)


  • Distribution Law: Agent, Representative and Distributor
  • Liability for Damages
  • Inheritance Law
  • Private International Law


  • Labour contracts
    • Special labour relations: senior management, commercial representatives, etc.
    • General labour relations
  • Payroll accounting
  • Labour Inspections (appearances before the corresponding bodies and objections and appeals against rulings , where applicable)
  • Appearance before all kinds of official bodies in labour matters, such as the following:
    • Labour force adjustment plans
    • Work centre location changes
    • Disciplinary penalties
    • Disciplinary dismissals, objective dismissals, terminations of employment
    • Claims for amounts, overtime
    • Claims for holidays, professional category, etc.
    • Substantial changes to working conditions
    • Trade union agreements
  • Special contracts
  • Claims, civil actions and appeals brought before the official labour authorities in relation to said matters
  • Studies and calculations of and claims for social security benefits:
    • Temporary disablement, disability, widowhood, retirement, orphanage
  • Outplacement


  • Construction Law
  • Law of Contract
  • Property Development
  • Commercial Leases and Freeholds
  • Contracts with Regional Governments and Local Authorities
  • Environmental Law





Our tax and accounting consultancy includes the following services and is tailored individually to your business needs:

  • General tax consultancy services for individuals and bodies corporate
  • Preparation and analysis of financial budgets
  • Business and company valuations
  • Auditing and accounting services
  • National and international tax planning
  • Consultancy services for international double taxation
  • Consultancy services for investments and subsidies
  • Company management
  • Preparation of annual corporate accounts
  • Tax assessments for non-residents
  • Fiduciary trust services
  • Real Estate Taxation





Our international consulting service is for companies and individuals and includes the following services:


If your company is planning an investment and/or international sales project through the purchase of assets (Asset Deal) or a share purchase (Share Deal), we offer the following services in cooperation with our local partners:
  • Advice before the purchase in the due diligence process
  • Information and greater transparency in the transaction and forecasts, requiring full documentation
  • Facilitating communication between the parties to avoid misinterpretations and conflicts
  • Support for and coordination of IT problems, accounting, insurance, etc.
  • Support during negotiations and simultaneous translation
  • Support with information for new management at every stage of the process


By coordinating and monitoring these investment projects, we offer direct control of the situation and an understanding of the investment country requirements to ensure the success of the project.

Our professional service includes any investment analysis you may require at microeconomic level (the company’s situation in terms of labour, accounting, taxes and trade) and macroeconomic level (regional and state economy and trade unions in the market in question).

All this information is to ensure maximum of transparency in your investment project.

  • On-the-spot visits to the investment country if necessary
  • Coordination with local consultants: lawyers, accountants, auditors and managers, etc. The participation of each one is necessary to keep on top of negotiations and for our clients to be informed immediately about conditions, needs and difficulties
  • Market Research
  • Detailed study of the situation in terms of labour and trade unions
  • Review of policies, permits and licences and all necessary assistance and follow-up until they are obtained from the local authorities





We offer full support for processing and obtaining permissions and licences, as well as for various procedures at personal and professional level to facilitate the opening of your business and the move to the foreign country.

This includes:

  • Application for tax number
  • Application for permits and licences
  • Search for offices, business premises, warehouses, etc.
  • Commercial management of real estate in Spain, as well as the settlement of disputes (registration and deregistration of supplies, rent, defaults and procedures, etc.)
  • Asset management
  • Payroll management
  • Registration and deregistration of workers with the social security system
  • Translation of all types of documents
  • Application for aliens ID numbers


  • Interim Management:
    • Global, integral business management
    • Change management
    • Re-orientation of the company using early detection programmes
    • Support and reinforcement for general management
    • Generation of value for shareholders